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Это Важно!

Готовы участвовать, выполняя функции заказчика-застройщика в соответствии с  распоряжением Госстроя №58;

Стоимость услуг рассчитывается в зависимости от трудозатрат и по объемам предоставляемых услуг;

Оur activity




OOO "StroyEngineering SPb" is an engineering company, specializing in construction.


Main activity:




- consulting in construction activity;

- concept design for optimum development of production and residential areas;

- selection of free and occupied land plots for investment projects;

- development of investment project program, including new construction at free land plot, as well as extension, renovation, change of profile and upgrade of existing production enterprises at occupied land plot;

- assistance to investors in acquiring the land plots as a property for construction;

- preparation of Declaration of Intent for investment project in Leningrad Region;

- obtaining the permits and approvals from Authorities for production location in Leningrad Region;

- assistance in changing the category of available land plot;

- obtaining the permits for site engineering and survey;

- collection and review of basic and permit data for design.







- EPCM functions;

- arrangement of tenders for construction and design documentation development;

- collection and review of basic data for construction and renovation (technical conditions for connection to utility networks);

- preparation of basic data and permit documents for construction, as well as extension, renovation, change of profile and upgrade, including technical conditions for connection to utility networks;

- preparation of permit documentation for construction (extension, renovation ,change of profile and upgrade);

-construction management;

- technical supervision, participation in working and state commissions and handing over procedures;

- coordination of design, construction, installation and other companies involved in design, construction and renovation;

- preparation and management of contract agreements.